organic fall tablescape

This absolutely beautiful fall wedding shoot is by Meghan Mehan Photography!  Not many people would choose to use this brighter golden orange for linens, but the way it matches with the flowers is amazing for fall!  Organically draping linens over the table instead of them being perfectly flat is the new style for weddings.  I love the simplicity & natural way that they look along with the organic look to the flowers.  Choosing a brighter color like this will look best if there are only a few subtle touches of the same color on the table, to compliment it, like the orange in the bouquet or the fruit.

All images are credited to  Meghan Mehan Photography

All images are credited to Meghan Mehan Photography

napkin folding | single pocket

Simple & casual just like the basic fold.  This style is very easy to create & leaves your imagination for the small
details you put inside as well as on top.  Tying twine or ribbon around it just adds an extra touch as well as herbs
or flowers.  Your guest gift could even be set on top!


napkin folding | basic

Timeless & simple is the basic napkin fold!  To finish it off just tie around the napkin some riboon
or twine then slip your menu right underneath or a small baguette, a single stem or bundle of herbs,
a pretty flower, or anything creative to set your wedding or restaurant apart!